More Exciting Speakers of Comel KL 2018!

As promised, here we are with more exciting speakers of Comel KL 2018. We are super thrilled to present you :

Anse Tamara Gray


Anse Tamara Gray is the founder of Rabata, an organization dedicated to promoting positive cultural change through creative educational experiences. She is an Islamic scholar and  is a doctoral student in the Leadership, Policy and Administration program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She holds a master’s degree in Curriculum Theory and Instruction, and worked for twenty-five years in the field of education, before moving into the non-profit world.

Shaykha Tamara works as Executive Director for Rabata, building and sustaining its many and varied educational projects including Daybreak Press publishing, the publisher of the award winning book, “The Drummer Girl”.Sheis also a public speaker often engaged to speak about issues of gender, leadership, Islam, and spirituality; locally, nationally and globally. Her book, Joy Jots: Exercises for a Happy Heart, is in its third print.

Tamara is on the advisory board of Muslim Women’s Association of Chicago and the Muslim Anti-Racism Committee and on the board of the Collegeville Institute ’s Interreligious Fellows Program, working to develop educational programming for faith leaders around social justice issues.

Chuck Williams 


Chuck Williams has over 18 years of feature film development experience. A 21-year Disney Feature Animation veteran, Chuck served as a development exec, writer and producer on several films. He conceived, wrote the first approach and produced Brother Bear (2004), and likewise worked as a writer and producer on several other Disney development project. Under John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, Chuck was asked to head the Disney Shorts program which was the vanguard for the Pixar development process into Disney.

From 2013, Chuck has lead the development of both animated and hybrid films at Marzaand heads their US office. He works closely with Original Film and Tim Miller & Jeff Fowler of Blur Studios to develop Sonic the Hedgehog for Sony Columbia. As well, he is producing the upcoming animated feature Mean Margaret to be release in 2019 by Open Road and DadiInternational, as well as having several other features, TV shows, and even a VR feature-length project in active development.

Chuck is a passionate filmmaker, a veteran in emotional, big scale stories, and a relentless pursuer of quality, family entertainment.

Dzameer Dzulkifli


Dzameer Dzulkifli is Managing Director and a Co-Founder of Teach For Malaysia. Armed with his M. Eng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, Dzameeris a passionate educational devotee. He truly believes that Teach For Malaysia will be the nurturing ground for future visionary leaders who will enhance Malaysia’s educational and national landscapes.

Prior to founding Teach For Malaysia, Dzameer channeled his enthusiasm and determination as a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2007, where he played a key role in the implementation of a human capital blueprint for a prominent economic region in Malaysia. As a weekly volunteer teaching Mathematics at the UNHCR Burmese Refugee Education Centre in Kuala Lumpur, his dedication significantly impacted the learning capabilities of the schoolchildren, accelerating their Math progress from a Primary 4-level to a Secondary 2-level within the short period of 9 months.

Are you excited yet? There are MORE exciting speakers lined-up for you. Coming up, speakers biodata of Saw Teong Hin, Tommy Le Baker, and many more!

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