CoMeL 2017 – Books for Peace: Peace for Children, Children for Peace



Successful writers, illustrators and creators of children’s books share their candid experience and provide tips to aspiring amateurs and professionals alike.

The inaugural CoMel literary event in Kuala Lumpur last year set itself apart from other literary programmes by focusing not just on books as a source of children’s stories, but also extending the spotlight on the multi-dimensional aspects of story-telling including films and comedy. CoMel is a TED-styled event showcasing creators of children’s content across platforms to speak about what truly moves them to produce the content that they do.

At CoMel, we feature themes which we hope would breathe life into content creators’ next monumental children’s books.

This year, CoMel will feature a panel of speaker and presenters including renowned local and award-winning international authors, illustrators and storytellers who will share the inspiration for their stories and the motivation behind their works under this year’s theme of “Books for Peace: Peace for Children, Children for Peace” – a fitting theme as the International Day of Peace falls on 21 September 2017.

Tickets available at


Tickets: RM100 (Adults), RM75 (SCBWI Members, Teachers or RNS Members), RM50 (Children)


downloadDiversecity has partnered with Grab to provide a hassle free journey for you! Use the code DIVERSECITY17 for RM8 off travel to and from our venue!

*Valid for 2 rides per user and with credit/debit cards only

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